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Soluzioni Web

Your place in the Web is served!

We are hardened by years of service in the public sector, where organizations face challenges even harder than those of the business world: standards, accessibility, "big data" services to be performed in view of e-inclusion and e-Government ...

The data are not information if they aren't usable. Information is such only if it is the right place. The right place does not exist without a well designed infrastructure, with the technology supporting the features and services that you want to use or let be used.


We start from you, from your wealth of knowledge and data, and from your awareness of your situation and your goals. If you already have a well-defined project, we will comment in a constructive way: our proposals, including those for calls for tenders, carry a bonus in terms of flexibility and integration.

Evolution of existing portals: a new interpretation

A redesign can move between two extremes: restyling and radical restructuring, or technology change not perceived by the users.

To renew while maintaining the current look and feel, we will retain, with technologies such as Deliverance, the status quo of the front-end: it will be the back-office workers to enjoy the quality of Plone.

If you leave our hands free, our project will put into play the full potential of Plone, taking advantage of all the opportunities of free software: additional features, skills (especially among public bodies that, with PloneGov Italia, reuse already tested solutions, constant evolution, openness, and freedom from vendor lock-in.

Websites rationalization is an opportunity that we won't let you loose

Why rationalize your websites? By will or by force: the force of the "Brunetta Directive" n. 8/2009 and its Guidelines, renewed from year to year, the will of an effective, rapid, timely, open and as simple as possible, bidirectional communication.

If the rationalization decreases the complexity and management costs, the real value lies in the optimization of benefits.

The organization's image comes out renewed and there is an< opportunity to open old-fashioned websites to Web 2.0 and Social Media, perhaps workin in synergy between institutions and organizations at different levels. What lies beneath? Beneath, you may find public organizations open to the dynamics of free software and reuse: you may find Plone, with its scalability and its ability to set up infrastructure that respond dynamically to growth, including sudden loads.

Which service do you want to federate, for your organization or your company?