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Are your website or your intranet really used as you intended? To understand this, we must ask the right questions!

Knowing the real use context and the main types of users allows us to highlight the metrics on which we can assess the actual efficiency of the your current Web applications, or define the requirements of those you want to ask us for.

Observing, understanding and formalizing the users' needs, habits and goals allows us to understand more deeply the areas in which we operate, ensuring increasingly competitive implementation costs and an increasingly higher quality of user experience.

To effectively describe users, usage scenarios and potential design problems we carry out:

  • contextual interviews in the workplace
  • process analysis
  • heuristic assessments of usability
  • surveys and analysis of traffic data and application usage.

A clearer view on your potential for improvement

Have or not clear goals for the redesign of your site or of your approach to the Web, it is always necessary to collect - or create from scratch - the proper documents to support the refactoring project of an entire publishing system, to place the appropriate methodological and strategical bases, and to guide you in the subsequent phases.

Heuristic evaluation

Check-up of the quality of UX through expert assessment based on guidelines of good design.

Deliverable: document of expert analysis of critical issues and areas for improvement.

Analysis of traffic data

Google Analytics or other existing metrics.

Deliverable: traffic data tracking model and and usage trends analysys document.

Analysis of the editorial process

Analysis of back-office work processes

Deliverable: processes analysis document (BPMn), and preliminary indications for their rationalization.

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