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An updated list of PloneGov Italia Members released today

Dec 14, 2010

Redturtle Technology keeps on participating to the maintenance of the PloneGov Italia website
An updated list of PloneGov Italia Members released today

List of PloneGov Italia members - sample page

To return a correct image of the success of PloneGov Italia, the downloadable material describing the initiative needs periodic updates.

Today, after a long pause, the six-pages pdf document listing all members was updated, and a second document was made available, with a shorter version of the members list and the description of some solutions available for reuse.

Please note that the documents are available only in Italian language, because PloneGov Italia is participated just by Italian agencies.

Everyone accessing the documents mentioned above is kindly requested to give them the maximum diffusion: in 2011, the number of members is expected to grow, because the continuing success of Plone in the Organizations that already joined PloneGov Italia will allow the many users of this technology to identify themselves in the community, and will encourage other organizations form the Public sector to begin using this technological platform.

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