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Community Network

A community from which the region derives its capacity of constant innovation and of proximity to the Organizations in its territory. An operational model capable of generating a true integration, and finding in Plone its ideal technological support.

The Community network of the Emilia-Romagna Region (CN-ER) is a system of services, standard and exchange models that allows all the Local Public Organization in the regional territory to work together for the development of the information society and of innovation processes. It's an inter-institutional model, conceived and designed to let all the organization share the same instruments and opportunities, to build upon the advatages and the potential going along with the development of the informaation society, and with the deployment of the e-government processes. Apart this fundamental equity principle, the Community Network was conceived and operates to emphasize and diffuse the best practices and the specific vocations developed within specific territories. The site is for internal use on the Public Administration network, the link points to a description of the project.

Data: August 2012

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