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Regione Emilia Romagna

The Region is established by the vote of 7 June 1970. The first Regional Council was held on July 13, 1970, at 6 pm, at the headquarters of the province of Bologna, ten days later the first President and the first Regional Council were elected. After eight days, the referent commission for the Statute is established: on December 1 of the same year, in a formal sitting at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, the Statute was approved. The following year, on May 22, 1971, the Statute (70 articles) becomes State Law by publication on the Official Gazette of June 14, 1971.

Regione Emilia Romagna
Official Bulletin Board
The site is devoted to the online consultation of the BUR - Official Bulletin of the Emilia-Romagna Region, and thanks to Plone search tools, gives access also to the back issues. The integration with Adobe InDesign for the automatic generation of the BUR generated huge savings for the organization in terms of time and paper.
Community Network
A community from which the region derives its capacity of constant innovation and of proximity to the Organizations in its territory. An operational model capable of generating a true integration, and finding in Plone its ideal technological support.
IoPartecipo (dynamic part)
Plone supporting the Emilian regional experience in e-participation. Plone integrates transparently with other technologies in use, providing a consistent interface and easing the interaction with this important doorway that the Region opens to the Citizens.
Since 2009, the Emilia Romagna Region has been restructuring in Plone its institutional websites. After porting in Plone several thematic sites, the Region recently launched the Plone version of E-R, its official portal and its business card on the Web.
Emilia-Romagna Lavoro
The Regional Authority Portal devoted to the labor market.
Emilia-Romagna Sapere
Regional portal devoted to professional training.
An exhaustive information repository for those having a family, or planning to build one. A database collecting information about all the tax reliefs and support initiatives for the households on the regional territory.
The Emilia-Romagna Region, one of the most complex yet efficient Public Organizations in Italy, and a spearhead in e-Government and innovation, chose Plone for its new Intranet, aptly named "InterNos" with a play of words on the Latin "Between us".
The portal makes available all the documentation about calls and any information needed to submit a project proposal, co-fundable by the Region under the provisions of POR.
Emilia-Romagna Digitale
The Regional telematic Plan offeret to the attention of Citizens and professionals from the IT sector.
Youth Information Online
Youth Information Online Portal: reuse, regional federation and nation-wide escalation of a "portal as a service" providing each Commune with its own Youth Information Site, and also aggregating its contents at provincial, regional and national level.