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Collaborative Internet

Collaboration, virtual workspaces, document sharing, reserved areas

Infrastructures designed to integrate, also in a virtual desktop fashion, all the functionalities needed to collaborate at full organization scale or by department. Department home pages, personal areas, and sophisticated management of the communications within the team or the organization, with reserved access document areas.

Portal and Intranet
A complete, reusable, customized, service-oriented set of Plone portal and Intranet for the businesses - the portal from which the PloneGov Italia experience started, reused by many organizations in the Chambers of Commerce world
The Emilia-Romagna Region, one of the most complex yet efficient Public Organizations in Italy, and a spearhead in e-Government and innovation, chose Plone for its new Intranet, aptly named "InterNos" with a play of words on the Latin "Between us".
Portal and Intranet
A coordinated Plone Intranet and public Website for the management of the communication strategies of a National Health Agency - support to distributed editorial offices, centralized control and cistom workflows help the Organization to save money while working better
Portal and Intranet
Portal and Intranet of the University Hospital of Ferrara: a customized reuse of the ferrara National health Agency's infrastructure, that proved fit to the needs of an University General Hospital.
Portal and Intranet
Chambers of Commerce engage in reuse? Their regional Union is no less active!