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INAF Portal


The National Institute of Astrophysics entrusts Plone with its communicative mission, ranging from popularization to science and research, in a law-compliant portal also managing a section devoted to the institutional headquarters.

Among the nation-wide research organizations, INAF is perhaps the most observed by the general public: the high number of people fond of astronomy and space sciences, among the most successful subjects in scientific popularization, has always required a particular attention for the communication project.

At the same time, the national portal works as institutional portal (with law-compliant contents including tenders and announcements), as an hub reaching the peripheral offices' sites, and is constantly fed with pictures and news by

As correctly mentioned in the official press releases from INAF, the portal is fulfilling "... a need linked with the deep evolution that the Web enjoyed in recent years. A powerful evolution making it the main source of information for young generations, and letting it conquer an ever wider audience. The new site aims at reflecting that evolution ..."

RedTurtle is honored of having put the qualities of Plone and its own business experience at the service of such an ambitious project.

Data: August 2012

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