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Chambers of Commerce and Associations

Chamber of Commerce of Bologna
The chamber of commerce of Bologna offers companies the opportunity to develop their activities in Italy and in the world. The objective of the services offered is a continuing dialogue with business and with business organizations for the balanced growth of the provincial economy, doing this all with managerial criteria and using cutting-edge technological tools.
Chamber of Commerce of Rimini
The Chamber of Commerce of Rimini was established in 1862 inheriting the activities carried out so far by the Chamber of Commerce of the primary department of the Rubicon, established in Rimini in August of 1802. Refounded in 1862, abolished in 1927 following the reform which established the Councils of the Economy on a provincial basis, after more than sixty years, was re-created as a result of the creation of the province of Rimini, composed of twenty-seven municipalities, by subtracting a portion of jurisdiction to the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì.
Unioncamere Emilia Romagna
The Regional Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Emilia-Romagna is the association of the nine chambers of commerce in the area (Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia and Rimini). The Regional Union was founded in 1965 with the aim of promoting and implementing initiatives to favor the development and enhancement of the regional productive sectors and economy, providing support and coordination of the activities of the associated Chambers.
Chamber of Commerce of Pesaro and Urbino
With the entry into force of Law 580/93, the Chamber of Commerce of Pesaro and Urbino is recognized as holder of functional, statutory, regulatory, and financial autonomy. Its main aim is the development of the business system and the local economy in its various sectors, represented in the Chamber by trade associations, while its functions are administrative, promotional and market regulation.
Chamber of Commerce of Treviso
The Chambers of Commerce are open institutions, close to the economic activities of the area, interpreting their voices and values. Every Chamber, besides serving important functions of an administrative nature (among which the seal of the Registrar of Companies), manages structures and infrastructures that operate at local, regional and national level; participates in organizations and consortia, may constitute special agencies for a more streamlined performance of specialized functions and fulfills important tasks for market management and control.
Chamber of Commerce of Parma
The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship and Agriculture of Parma, whose establishment dates back to 1814, is an autonomous functional body governed by public law, which performs functions of general interest to the business system "according to the principle of subsidiarity" and is the place of synthesis of local needs from the world of entrepreneurship, labor and consumers.
Chamber of Commerce of Piacenza
As part of its statutory autonomy, the Chamber of Commerce shall perform the duties prescribed by law. It also performs other functions of its own, or delegated by the State, the Region and other organizations and institutions. To achieve its goals, the Chamber may promote, implement and manage facilities and infrastructures of general economic interest, both directly or through participation with other public or private bodies, including associative entities, such as associations and companies. To manage specific services it can constitute special companies that operate according to the rules of private law.
Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara
The Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara celebrated its bicentennial in 2003, launching a dedicated program of administrative simplification, innovation and service quality: this all, in order to fully satisfy the needs of businesses, for whom it represent the natural reference authority. The current multi-year programme provides a number of priorities for action, including internationalization of companies, diffusion of innovation and technology transfer, development and certification of Ferrara's local products, infrastructure improvements in the province.
Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna
In 2012, the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna celebrated the 150th anniversary of its foundation. Since its inception, the organization has been at the side of the local economy and its social fabric. It helped to overcome crises, to create development and support innovation. The history of the Chamber of Commerce Ravenna is well covered in the volume dedicated to the 150 years, commemorating the stages of the economy of the province of Ravenna and the role of the Chamber of Commerce to promote and foster development.
Chamber of Commerce of Modena
Reconstituted in 1863 after a brief period during the Napoleonic era, today the Chamber is committed both in the support of a rapidly growing population of small and medium-sized enterprises developed into a high concentration of industrial districts within the province, and in the protection of local production through the establishment of a consortium protecting local products, by preserving their quality and originality, on the domestic and international markets.