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A business model based on reuse

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PloneGov, a multi-awarded international initiative, for two consecutive times finalist at European e-Government Awards, is maybe the world's most successful collaborative software ecosystem for the Public Sector.
With the strength of subcommunities in four continents and twenty countries, PloneGov has joined the efforts and the experience of Public Organizations using Plone, sharing the same challenges in terms of e-Government

RedTurtle, with customers including Regione Emilia-Romagna, the City of Modena and several Chambers of Commerce, has promoted the birth of the national branch PloneGov Italia.
PloneGov is both a software repository and a mind pool, where every organization in the Public Sector can offer or receive, for free, reusable Plone solutions, experience and competence by the same people who have developed those "best practice".

The reuse for everybody

PloneGov takes advantage of the technical support of ours and of other companies, and is based on the active involvement in the Plone community both of the member corporations of PloneGov, and of the SMB's. RedTurtle has specialized in helping even the smallest organizations toengage in reuse, a good practice often banned to those not having an internal IT staff.

PloneGov has proved capable to ...

  • ...include in the e-Government practices organizations and groups at risk of exclusion;
  • ...improve the segmentation of the e-Government service users;
  • ...provide repeatable and appreciated case studies;
  • ...provide multi-channel and e-Government services;
  • ...make the public authorities autonomous in all the lifecycle of inclusive e-Government services
  • ...boast an "inclusive by design" approach, thanks to an architecture designed for the accessibility by the users, included those with sensory disabilities, and the "SEO friendliness".
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