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  • Plone

    Plone adapts to your organizational model, distributing to every user the capacity to act and the information to act the best way. The ideal way to supply Web services to customers and users.
    plone conf

    A technology, a community, a way of being: chosen by hundreds of Public Organizations and companies in the world, Plone is our best weapon to defeat your content management problems, on the Web or on the Intranet.

    A really free software, compliant with the Software Freedom Scorecard, capable of giving you freedom both in technological terms and in the editorial and organizational processes.

    Customizable both by developing new code from scratch, and by using ready-made products among the several hundreds available, born from the experience of organizations like yours, Plone, is offered by RedTurtle also on our national platform for e-procurement in the Public Sector, the MEPA by CONSIP. Plone conforms to the complex challenges of modern organizations: presence on the Web with deep Social integrations, rich interactivity and multimedia support, informative and collaborative Intranet, groupware, and custom applications such as Web ERP.

  • We and Plone

    Plone is also yours, and ours: we release all the Plone software we produce, and every year we invest both the time of our developers and our presence to global and national events to make it grow.
    Nella Community, RedTurtle c'è!


    Plone returns generously one's investments in competence and in participation in a community where RedTurtle really counts.

    RedTurtle policies require, if the customer agrees, a GPL release of the software produced: that way, we open new growth fronts for the technology.

    For many years we have contributed to the success of the annual Plone Conference, with  much appreciated technical talks and with our sponsorships.

    Plone is also for business!


    The private sector, initially lagging behind our public costumers, a forge of Plone components, is quickly recovering.

    In a company, there are at least two areas in which Plone and Pyramid, the Python framework for the development of dedicated applications, can make the difference.

    First: an Intranet based on processes, cooperation, integration among people and among applications. Second: the Web portal that you and your customers and users need.

  • PloneGov

    The collaborative ecosystem capable to create opportunities for Public Organizations and Plone companies, the shared patrimony of requirements and solutions at the service of smart reuse of software.

    In the Plone world, the number of our Public Customers has few (if any) comparisons. In the 2008, we convinced them to create PloneGov Italia, which nowadays is managing around 200 Plone components and solutions.
    PloneGov, for two time a finalist at the European e-Government Awards, is maybe the most successful experience among collaborative software ecosystems for the Public Sector.

    Just think that the member Organizations release their Plone solutions using the same community repository in which the companies and freelances publish theirs.
    RedTurtle, supplier of more than half the PloneGov Italia members, enables also the smallest Organizations to reuse free software, a good practice often banned to those not having an internal IT staff. Several presentations are available, showing the model of sustainable business based on PloneGov and PloneGov Italia.

  • Released products

    RedTurtle, a proud and active member of the Plone Community, besides releasing regularly the Plone solutions it develops, encourages its customers to do the same.

    RedTurtle on Python Package IndexRT on Python Package Index

    On the main repository of Python installable packages, Pypi, Redturtle doesn't go unnoticed. By releasing mainly on the collective namespace, or by helping our Customers to release on their own namespace, RedTurtle contributed also to almost every product describes on the PloneGov Italia website.

    RedTurtle on githubRT on GitHub

    Access to source code of the Plone components by RedTurtle is tipically granted on GitHub, the most successful environment for collaborative code management in the free software world.

    With the available software for users, freelance and companies of all the world, many results are obtained. The first is to ensure the best possible use of the public money, the second is the "energy saving" which is obtained by increasing the value of competence and work constituted by the existing software. So, our most active customers multiply their strength and the value of their money.

  • Events

    Organized by the Community or by our Customers, born from our initiative or managed by our business network: the panorama of the events in which we are engaged is really wide!

    Join us for the Plone Conf 2014, Bristol, UK

    Both as participants, and as organizers, we take a difference to the events: hot topics and the capacity to present them.
    It's demonstrated by the appreciative comments, that we return, by those who share the limelight and play the Plone game with us.

  • Community

    "A little company of about 2500 people ..." - that's it! The twenty-some of us, the about 150 developers of our business network, the 300 Plone core developers and the Community.

    In free software there small companies don't exist, least of all, us! Including owners, employees and full-time external consultants, we don't exceed 20 people, but we have at least two flywheels which allow us to face any project: the ZEA Partners business network and the Plone Community.

    And the Community has its rules. To be someone you must contribute, and a passive presence is not enough: action must follow curiosity.

    Indeed, this is our history. If some time ago companies to collaborate with weren't easy to find, now, by persisting in software releases and in showing up in meetings, everyone knows us also abroad, and we became an important part of the big Plone game. Today, RedTurtle's people sit in key positions in the technical and strategic organs which determine the future of our favourite CMS.