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Open Source, supporters with a firm belief

The strength of open source resides in what sociobiologists call "collective intelligence", the phenomenon for which the value of a system is bigger than the accumulated value of the individuals who compose it.


Do you have a problem? In whose hands do you want to put its solution? To the developers' team of a company (exposed, like any other, to the uncertainties of the market, to its problems and to those of its staff), or rather to a global community of advocates of a methodology based on continuous improvement? It's clear that the potential of 10 or 100 people in an office, it is not comparable to that of 2,000 programmers around the world, coordinated at Community level.

That's why free software offers more certainty for you and your customers: you can take advantage of a wide community of developers, of the work they have already done and they will do, taking advantage of a reactivity that no single company will ever be able to offer; you will avoid locking yourself to a specific vendor and to its destiny; if you want to change supplier, you will be free to do so much more easily than those who have chosen a commercial software.

Our choice: Plone

We love Plone, and we think that it's an excellent solution, above all because it complies with the openness and reliability metrics engraved in the Software Freedom Scorecard:

  • Diversity in culture and in business models,
  • Fairness of governance: open, meritocratic, oligarchical, transparent and with distributed authority,
  • Cultivation of software freedoms,
  • Copyright controlled by community,
  • Trademark controlled by community, in our case by the Plone Foundation,
  • Protection of software patents.

Moreover, Plone has its own technological qualities: well more than a thousand additional free software components, and unique features.

    An investment on Plone has immediate political and economic returns: its capacity to create well-made, service-oriented and accessible (also Law-compliant) websites is quickly appreciated both by the citizens, and by back-office personnel.

    If you want to know more, look at our case studies and projects.

    “Is Plone actually for everybody?

    Change is difficult, especially for organizations without sufficient internal resources to manage an open source platform, that gives its best when it is tailored to your needs. Sometimes, time is missing: the time need to manage organizational change, or the time needed for training. Apparently, these are good reasons to stay in the status quo, whichever the software, free or commercial.

    But here we come with PloneGov Italia: as raw material, solutions that require limited customization, being already designed for public organizations; as a tool, our experience to train you and to assist you in the reuse and customization. Thus, all the public bodies, including those lacking an IT staff, can use the most effective solutions whose development cost has already been paid by another organization, including regional or national level entities.


    Bringing citizen-oriented services on the web may be hard.
    RedTurtle stands up for simpler and up-to-date web solutions


    RedTurtle develops custom projects for Organizations and Businesses.
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