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Being means acting: know us from what we do!

Besides working on customer projects, RedTurtle is engaged in promotion, popularization and discussion of anything making web alive.

PloneGov: the international network for the reuse of Plone solutions

Il Triangolo di PloneGov

PloneGov is the international initiative for the structured reuse of Plone components within the Public Sector.
Born in 2007 under the thrust of the growing enthusiasm for Plone in the Public Sector, some Plone companies catalyze the birth of a community of Public Organization. PloneGov is born, at the same time a software repository for custom-made solutions released to the whole community, and a community of interests now involving some hundreds of Public Organizations in 20 nations and three continents.
The objective of PloneGov is diffusing into the worldwide Public Sector a policy based on reuse and continuing improvement of IT solutions to common problems.

RedTurtle, promoter of the Italian branch of PloneGov, encourages its public customers to join PloneGov Italia.


Digital Friday

RedTurtle and Mimulus, after years of collaboration about intranet, social media and websites, launched the training workshop Digital Friday for the Public Sector: Twitter, Facebook, Event Management 2.0 and Web Writing, directed to communication manager and to the online citizen relations offices of the Public Organizations.


Marketing Business & Communication




With its partners Grafica Andros and Core 41, and with management support by CNA Ferrara, RedTurtle organizes the Marketing Business & Communication workshops, meant to improve the competences of the SMB's in the sectors of Analysis and Planning of Integrated Communications, Web Marketing and Social Networks.


3.0 courses


Pagina Eventbrite dei nostri Corsi 3.0


RedTurtle, in collaboration with Mimulus and Andrea Pernici, offers a "free appetizer" to those hungry of Web competences: full immersion morning in the world of SEO and social platforms, to solve doubts and build a first competence level on the presence strategies in the Web and in the social media world. The appetite of knowledge and services, which arises in the participants, will be satisfied by custom-made courses.

A presentation from our 3.0 courses on Slideshare

Facciamo Adesso

facciamo_adesso.pngAppreciated by the companies it served, and by those who made, thanks to this initiative, ethical purchases of excellent products, Facciamo Adesso is the initiative that RedTurtle, together with e:2 and a few Public and private sponsors, has dedicated to the communities and above all to the companies struck by the earthquake in Emilia-Romagna in may 2012In just 18 days we created a portal who won the eGov prize, a national honor.

FacciamoAdesso presentation on SlideShare

Plone4UR - Plone for Research and University Days


Manifesto Plone4UR


RedTurtle, in team with its partners promoting the Content Tour and with PloneGov Italia, organized and sponsored two events, hosted by leading academic and scientific institutions, to offer a showcase and a ground for discussion to the several organizations who, in the University and Research sector, chose Plone.

Plone4UR presentations on SlideShare

ContènTOUR: Free software explained in a simple and practical way

In collaboration with other Italian businesses, RedTurtle brings around Italy an itinerating conference aimed to let businesses, organizations, students and laymen approach the advantages of free software, discrediting some false myths thanks to practical examples and live demos, conducted by a team of entrepreneurs and developers with years of experience.

content tourThe ContènTOUR is a one day event touching the main Italian cities to meet an audience of IT managers, entrepreneurs and final users, available also on demand: if you are a consortium of businesses or a Public Organization interested in the theme of open source, contact us to ask ContènTOUR to stop in your company or in your city.

Visit the ContèntTOUR official site

PloneGov Italia

The reuse that were not expecting, for every dimension corporations. Why to invent the hot water?

PloneGov Italia

PloneGov Italia
3.0 Courses

A tasting of our courses: a seminary on the strategies of presence in the Web, because it is not enough to be there, it is necessary to be able to be there.

Questions, answers, examples, new knowledge: the  3.0 RedTurtle courses!

3.0 courses
Facciamo Adesso

Everything helps in the emergencies. Some things help more: and the technology is not only technology any more ...

Facciamo Adesso: Plone to the earthquake emergency service

Facciamo Adesso
Plone4UR Days

Plone and the scientific - academic world: a love marriage. The Research Corporations and the universities adhere to PloneGov Italy and take part in the Plone events.

A sectorial event designed to be repeated: our Plone for Research and University Day

Plone4UR Days
The ContènTOUR

Open Source and Open Standard evangelization: follow us at the


The ContènTOUR