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You have requirements, we have passion, experience and a clear vision of what it takes to manage a web project.

  • Assessment


    The Assessment Phase provides a photograph of your situation, in terms of online presence and IT systems, and defines a path for improvement based on your business goals.
    Through discussion, interviews, analysis and synthesis, we return a better understanding of your position on the Internet, a sharper focus on your real objectives and a definition of the most appropriate way to increase your performance.

  • Interaction Design

    Interaction Design

    The Interaction Design phase aims at improving - in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction - the usability of your services and systems by the target-users they have been designed and implemented for.
    The perfect solution for you will be determined on the grounds of Information Architecture (IA), User Experience (UX), Web Design and Functional Requirements most suitable for a smoother user interaction.

  • Web Solutions

    Soluzioni Web

    Since 1999, Web Solutions Development is the core business of RedTurtle. Since several years, and today more than ever, we have been choosing Plone as the foundations for the construction of websites and portals. In addition, we develop vertical applications, tailored to specific needs.
    In the Web Development phase, we propose the architecture and the most appropriate technologies to manage your contents, including massive recovery services, migration from old sites and copywriting; basic as well as advanced SEO and, in case of need, an high performing cloud hosting service, by the main global or European providers.

  • Web and Social Media Marketing

    Web e Social Media Marketing

    The importance of online promotion has been constantly increasing, up to the point that now communication and marketing on the web are at least as important as websites themselves. Our Online Marketing services - including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing) - aim at providing the highest visibility and traffic to your site or your web community.
    Presence in social media is not enough, you need a line of action, and we are here to help you.

  • Mobile


    Mobile Navigation is the new frontier of the web: any site, extranet, portal should be enjoyable even when accessed by smart phones and tablets. Your website needs an adaptive and responsive design: one dress (the site) for each season (different devices), the same content flowing in different "channels". But Mobile Apps are also means the most innovative way to deliver your services: we develop mobile apps for iPhone / iPad and Android, to take you directly into the pocket of your users.

  • Support


    Any website, portal, or app are just "vehicles" that take you where you want to go: just like a car, they must be regularly supplied and kept efficient. Thanks to our support services, we may manage your IT systems, and provide corrective maintenance as well as new software development. Assistance may be provided for a fixed yearly fee, or with flexible pay-as-you-go packages.

  • Training


    We always regard your autonomy, and thus your training, as one of the foundations of our success. We do our best to put you in the condition of doing by yourself - with our role limited to real needs, software evolution, or the management of a technical level higher than yours. We can train any profile: web author, site administrator, systems analyst and developer of Web solutions.