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Web marketing

"Yes, my company has a website. It's a good thing, right?"

It depends. A truth grows stronger by the day: Internet is not a showcase. An outpost on the Web becomes an opportunity only if it isn't used as a billboard.

RedTurtle is a sworn enemy of sites and portals that are "thrown in" and left to themselves, like cars without gasoline exposed to weather conditions. Enemies of carelessness and superficiality, "enlightenment philosophers" of Web communication, we at RedTurtle have a very clear ideas and great technological arrows in our bow.

A car, or a website, must be marching vehicles, driven responsibly, and need to be supplied and kept efficient. Otherwise, you will waste time and money, and you risk your reputation. If the Web site is a car, RedTurtle is a safe driving instructor: to get safely to the expected results, for example, you must know the harsh laws of SEO, which govern the visibility of sites in the eyes of search engines, and allow to reach a ranking comparable to that of paid advertisements, just using simple attentions.

There is more: the Social Media. You may be "sociable" or not, but it's a fact: Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are more than just teenagers games. Like the circulatory system in the human body, they permeate the Web with information. Not being there is dangerous, and can relegate to the edge of the web an organization or a company; but being there is not enough, you have to know what to do. This is the subject of the discipline of Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Ancillary activities such as blogging and publishing articles in online journals can be supplied on request.

Specialist of the potential of the Web and Social Media, RedTurtle offers its clients a full awareness of the system, with its own rules and limits, in which the web image of any company or Public Organization moves.

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