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Training to know what we offer you, training to let you build by yourself what you need: that's the way free software works, that's the way we work.

The more you know, the more you like us. That's why we are interested in letting you know more!

The hand on the tap is yours, as well as the knowledge of the shape and size of the tank to fill, and the awareness about the objectives. We take care of all the rest, designing cost-effective programs, choosing the teacher, delivering courses. Our training offer is born from the experience of RedTurtle in delivering courses to advanced users and front-office operators.

All our employees and collaborators have an university degree, the team of company owners and collaborators also includes University adjunct professors. Our technical staff enlivens our company blog, always much frequented and cited, and is always at ease in facing - in Italian or English language - a technically prepared audience, as well as a laymen's.


If you need the big picture, a vision from above, you may just need to know. This kind of training, when played at an high level of abstraction, is for deciders. When the aim is providing a basic knowledge, as a precondition for operational training, it is the entry-level technical training.

Knowing how

More often, you need to learn how to use an open solution, in the public domain or custom-made for you. Our first care is ascertaining that your basic notions suffice. But the nature of our technology, and our attention in designing ergonomic and accessible interfaces, make the entry step almost unperceivable.


The step from "using" to "managing" isn't trivial at all, and we help you in taking that step. We don't know just the technical side of the roles that many of you will be called to play, but also the organizational side. More than ten years of experience have made us knowledgeable about your processes, and capable to transform you, in any sense, in the user profile you belong into. including administrator and developer.

Teachers for every role

Your competences and requirements cannot be managed by a single jack-of-all-trade teacher. Our teachers are specific for the learner's profile: author, administrator, system manager, graphic. And developer: therefore, we can put you in the condition of competing with us, as long as we are sure that the more you know, the more you'll like us.

Teachers for consistency and vocation

Which benefit would you get from an open solution, if we wouldn't put you in the condition of managing it as you like best?
How could we let you appreciate our solutions and the technology empowering them, without guiding you in the discover of all their potential?

We do not restrict ourselves to putting a supercar at your disposal: we ascertain that you can drive it, and we consider you up to deciding what you need to feel a master of the road. Our training programs were successfully tested in a diversity of organizations of local, regional and national scope, and may take the shape of open pay-as-you-go packages, or of rigidly planned training sessions.

Even when the facilities of your organization could let you manage classes with a great number of learners, anyway we prefer to limit the number of participants to a given session, and thus we are sure to give anyone the attention he deserves. In our sector , training can never be purely theoretical: we engage in practical tasks, thanks to didactic installations where one can hone its skills without compromising the contents of production environments. We can indicate you the best readings and, if needed, we ourselves create the needed handouts.

At the two extremes of the spectrum, we trained university teachers and regional IT managers, as well as simple "authors" of distributed editorial offices.

Our surveys for perceived quality (a thing that we always do) and the success of our Customers reassure us about the good end of our efforts.

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