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Massive management of multimedia - if you need it, we have it!

The availability of large cloud platforms, with outstanding performance and reliability, such as YouTube and Vimeo, allows anyone to place multimedia content on the web without the need to have its own dedicated infrastructure: Plone and its plug-ins, some of them developed by RedTurtle, provide a pleasant and effective embedding, in the portals and Intranets we provide, of these external media sources.

Sometimes, however, the editorial policies of public and private Organizations, along with the specific requirements for copyright protection, make it necessary to set up a server, in-house or in the cloud, dedicated to multimedia. In those cases, there are a variety of solutions. Among them, MediaCore is a particularly good free platform that we have built into Plone sites dedicated to video, such as San Lazzaro TV.

For static pictures, there are special Plone add-ons to access images individually or in the form of timed carousels, while audio files - regardless to the place where they are stored - are accessible thanks to the browser's specific plug-ins and codecs.

Features including tagging, full text search, and the flexibility of Plone "collections" allow highly effective searches in your multimedia repositories.