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Your working environment

On the Intranet, all that may be represented in structured, digital form is a content:

  • what you do (texts, documents, files, reports);
  • who you are (your details and those of your colleagues and your facility);
  • what you use (the thematic applications to be integrated into a virtual desk);
  • your processes (or rather the management "workflows").

Our Intranet?

Our Intranet covers all these aspects.

  • The contents of textual type are versioned, historicized, and protected from collisions in the editing phase.
  • A powerful search engine can operate in both full text and through metadata associated with the content.
  • Special workflows, customized to your document management or technological processes, control the state changes of the content according to process phases.
  • By overcoming the classic categories of users, groups and profiles, we can assign privileges to users and relations between people and between organizational units, portraying your actual case.

Your Intranet!

It's clear that with these bricks, each one adaptable to the needs of your company or the Organization, you can go very far. Based on your organizational model, your size, the quantity and quality of your business applications and underlying databases, RedTurtle Technology will custom cut the Intranet that best suits your situation. Among the themes we have successfully treated:

  • Total Quality System management
  • Technical documentation management
  • Automation of the production of official decisions (determinations and deliberations, council notice board) of a Public Organization
  • Sales force automation
  • "Light" ERP systems, with inbound and outbound document management (like active and passive invoicing)
  • Project Management Systems
  • Company / Institutional DMS