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Custom Web Applications


Non-standard solutions

Web Portals and Intranets are the main channels in which RedTurtle plays its technological and communication skills. But we also sail in the open sea, exploring almost inaccessible routes: those that lead to your island.

  • That particular integration problem that you've been trying to solve for years ... is there a way?
  • That ERP, too heavy and so unresponsive ... could you have something lighter, more immediate and effective?
  • A document management system, made your way... why on earth can't you find it?

The many cases in which a standard solution does not solve the problem, the many cases when you want something more than an Intranet, and much more than a content management system, the many cases when you want to save a legacy database which is still well but is lacking a Web, Intranet, Extranet interface to let it be used in a more modern and appropriate way...

The very same cases in which we can give you exactly what you need.