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Content-related services

Content-related services


Preserving and increasing your value

The value that you bring, the competence to serve your users, your catalogs, image galleries, institutional deeds: on the Web, all this takes the shape of "content."
The contents - your image to the eyes of your users - are at the heart of our, and your, work: they are the information for which the most suitable architecture, and the more usable interface, should be designed.

The technologies we use have been carefully selected to offer you the highest level of control and a non-intermediated management; to offer you customizable workflows that may include approval steps for publication; to offer you levels of security and visibility tailored to the needs of your organization.

But there is more: in situations such as the migration from earlier sites or massive recovery from external information repositories we can put our skills at your disposal, to automate these phases as much as possible, or to provide tailored services for the manual management of information recovery that cannot be automated.

And, as a part of our web marketing services, we can perform top-notch editorial activities: we may do blogging, community animation, copywriting tasks for you, placing in your hands the reins of our creativity. Our skills, your ideas.