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Copertina della presentazione tenuta all'OSEPA Conference di Jihlava (CZ), 28 Marzo 2012

Sustainable business models for FLOSS in the Public Sector

OSEPA Conference di Jihlava, 28 March 2012

Keynote speech from the Jihlava Conference, it takes one step forward the "energy" metaphor among the vertices of the "PloneGov Triangle"

Copertina della presentazione tenuta all'OSEPA Meeting di Bologna, 29 Settembre 2011

FLOSS in the Public Sector: business & sustainability...

OSEPA Meeting in Bologna, 29 Settembre 2011

PloneGov at the center of attention for a panel of experts, engaged in the definition of european strategies in terms of reuse and free software in the Public Sector

Copertina presentazione WPD 2011 PloneGov

PloneGov Italia: paths of reuse and "resource pooling"

World Plone Day 2011 hosted by the Regione Emilia Romagna

(Italian text only) An overview on the six different reuse and collaboration strategies already taking place within PloneGov Italia

Presentazione Barcamp OpenPA 2011 ER

PloneGov: a reflection about "resource pooling"...

Barcamp "Open PA 2011 ER", 11/03/2011

(Italian text only) A realistic overview to get rid of excessive simplifications: some reasons why free software is not costless

PloneGov: Unisci e Conquista

PloneGov: Unite and Conquer

Workshop "Immaginiinazione", Social Media Week 2011, Rome

(Italian text only) Illustra PloneGov come modello collaborativo, al di là del contesto specifico

PloneGov:Unisci e Conquista
See other presentations by Cesare Brizio

PloneGov: Unite and Conquer

See other presentations by Cesare Brizio

Il modello PloneGov nella PA Italiana

The PloneGov model for software reuse in the Italian Public Sector

Primo Plone for Research and University Day, 20/05/2010

(Italian text only) Illustrates the business model sustaining the PloneGov initiative in Italy