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Where responsive design does not reach, there reaches the app

iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones are platforms which serve our clients and their customers in every day life.

As service providers, organizations and companies cannot ignore the proliferation of mobile devices and their increasing role in everyone's life.

In addition to ensuring that our Web sites are well usabile by handheld devices, both for the inherent features of the technologies we offer, and for technical design specifications such as responsive design with HTML5, more and more often we are contacted by organizations or companies that wish to take full advantage the potential of the operating system of the various handheld devices and smart phones, requiring applications for specific devices.

The care and skill we put into these projects in iOS and Android environment is the same we put in our classic Web projects. Graphic design and the design of the user experience (UX), within the limits of small screens, require proper techniques and knowledge of touch screen-based interactions.

Even here we feel at ease: effective graphics, clear actions, no unnecessary crowding, high reliability. We can also implement customer-designed user interfaces:  both in this case, and in the projects relying completely on us also for the graphics, we ensure consistency with the corporate image of the client, and the availability of all the features needed.

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