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Interaction Design: UX, IA

The true judge of the success of a Web project is the end user.

Designing the communication on the Web means to study users: by neglecting aspects like the findability, usability and the most common mistakes to avoid, you waste time and money. UX, IA are concepts that should be well-know. RedTurtle is here for this.

Web Design, User Experience (UX) Design

Web Design is not something cosmetic, but it is the construction of an experience that will involve users and operators. The focus shifts from the technical aspects to service, process, people.

To help you use the web with tools ranging from smart phones to the classic PC, without forcing you to change every time the way you use the various components of a portal or intranet, one has to think in terms of mental models. The user experience is the way in which you, with the filter of your mental model, use the Web.

Information Architecture (IA)

It consists in organizing information to make it easily (re)findable and accessible through the UX. To make a "datum" become "information", one needs to place it where the user expects to find it, and present it in the most useful and understandable way: here is the link between IA and UX!

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