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Wikipedia - it's not just a matter of money...

Dec 21, 2010

An open initiative such as Wikipedia deserves our support, and a small contribution to its campaign for self-sufficiency.

An initiative like Wikipedia catches the spirit RedTurtle like no other.

A successful attempt, that at its beginning may have looked visionary, of creating a source of knowledge that is not only public and free, but also authoritative and complete.

The value of Wikipedia is much higher than that of its contents: the biggest thing that it offers to the world is the success of its model, the practical demonstration that volunteered, uncoordinated resources in a self-controlled community may achieve excellence.

Like in the free software communities, in which we hare honored to belong. That's why we like wikipedia, because we work the same way.

If you used that encyclopedia at least once, you owe something to that almost magic system: time has come to pay this small debt.

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