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San Giovanni in Persiceto, 15-06-2012: PloneGov Technical Workshop

May 30, 2012

After the November 2010 edition, the community of PloneGov Italia members gathers again on 15 June 2012, to review the recent evolutions of the technology and of the collaborative model, considering the interest for Plone confirmed by the Emilia Romagna Region and by the OpensourcER project
San Giovanni in Persiceto, 15-06-2012: PloneGov Technical Workshop

Coat of Arms of the City of San Giovanni in Persiceto

Presently, more than half the members of the PloneGov Italia initiative, launched in Italy by RedTurtle some years ago, are Customers of ours.

Among them, the Commune of San Giovanni in persiceto, small and ambitious "smart city" that doesn't lose heart although hit by the current seismic contrail, and the Emilia Romagna Region.

With those Public Organizations, we are collaborating to the organization of an event, taking place in the City Council hall starting 10.00 AM on 15 June 2012, opened to all the PloneGov Italia members as well as to any interested subject.

Online registration (free of charge) is required.

in the morning devoted to the workshop ...


  • ... practical examples of source code sharing among diverse Public Organizations will be introduced;
  • ... the threads of last years' activities by PloneGov members will be drawn together, in particular the work of Emilia Romagna Region, but not excluding the welcome announcement of participation by the Campania Region;
  • ... important novelties will be announced, including a restyling of the PloneGov Italia website and the launch of a repository of downloadable source code;
  • ... some of the about seventy Plone products released by RedTurtle and by our Customers will be reviewed;
  • ... the ways for making PloneGov Italia a reference experience within the OpensourcER project - by Lepida and by the Emilia Romagna Region - will be illustrated;
  • ... a final barcamp-style, around the table discussion, also involving the audience, will promote interesting remarks and set the ground for the next edition of this event.

The initiative, sponsored by RedTurtle that will offer a coffee break, will begin at 10.00 AM and end at 13.30.

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