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RedTurtle at the OpenPA 2011 ER barcamp

Mar 09, 2011

The yearly barcamp of the Emilia Romagna Region this year is focused upon the themes of Open Government and Open data. RedTurtle, who enlivened the PloneGov session of the 2010 edition, also this year won't let the event miss its contribution.
RedTurtle at the OpenPA 2011 ER barcamp

Barcamp OpenPA2011er Logo

With the Barcamp OpenPA 2011 ER, the Emilia Romagna Region summons up the most innovative proposals of the Italian E-Government scenario.

The open formula allows an interesting mix of contributions by Public Organizations, Businesses and opinion-makers in the free software and open standards sectors.

The talk by Cesare Brizio will cover in particular the issues of resource pooling among Public Organizations to fund initiatives for developing software solutions, the most common evaluation errors by the Organizations promoting reuse, and their respective solutions.

RedTurtle will be present en masse, and will meet Customers and friends among the members of  PloneGov Italia.

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