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The ContènTour stops in Padua at the "Free Software and Reuse" event

Oct 21, 2010

The ContènTOUR in Padua: "Free software and reuse - how the Public Sector can make a community", an event in Padua, Palazzo Moroni, 3 November 2010, 09.30-17.00

Under the patronage of PloneGov Italia, the City of Padua organizes and hosts in the prestigious site of Palazzo Moroni "Free software and reuse - how the Public Sector can make a community", a one day convention, devoted to the growing role of free software, software reuse and PloneGov community inside the Italian Public Administration.

The event, that will take the whole day, coincides with the Paduan stop of the Content Tour 2010, the popularization initiative about free software and open standards, already successfuly proposed in Milano and Bologna, promoted by RedTuyrtle Technology and its partners Abstract Open Solutions and BioDec.

The convention wants to show the best practices of Public Organizations, including the City of Padua, that - in the favourable cultural and regulatory context of the Veneto Region - made significant investments in technological and cultural growth by engaging in the reuse of FLOSS solutions.

The PloneGov model, a community centered on a specific, multi-use technology - will be illustrated directly form the Organizations, with case studies and practical reuse and fruitful collaboration examples. The event will be concluded by the round table "The strategic role of free software in the Public Sector", moderated by Javier Ossandon form Ancitel, including a discussion among businesses and Public Organizations, with the participation of the Italian Linux Society.

Participation is free - online subscription is required at the following URL:, also hosting the update schedule of the event.

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