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Cerveteri: an extrordinary example of Plone DIY

Feb 27, 2013

A City that did it all by itself, with Plone, starting from just some training provided by RedTurtle, from some hint of ours, and from much collaboration with other PloneGov Italia members
Cerveteri: an extrordinary example of Plone DIY

Home Page of the City of Cerveteri

The role of collaboration with PloneGov Italy is clearly mentioned (along with that of RedTurtle) the page of the new website of the City of Cerveteri, launched today, which summarizes the reasons for this smart and innovative choice.

Doing everything by yourself, for a city the size and reputation of Cerveteri, is a commitment that could scare anyone, but not those who, having understood free software, are well aware of the invisible network of collaboration and reuse drafted by PloneGov Italia.

And, let us add with a touch of pride, this success demonstrates the quality of the training provided by RedTurtle, in this case dropped in a more than fertile ground of interest, competence and clarity of those who received this training.

We are pleased to count among our customers Cerveteri and his staff, and will support the stated intention of these new friends of ours to become a "focus of Plone infection" in their territory.

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