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5 progetti clienti

On the MEPA, Electronic Marketplace for the Public Sector, our catalogues for Open Source Services and Hosting Services are available. Websites, Intranets, training, hosting, newsletter management.

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Spotlight on...


Progetto Assemblea Legislativa

Regional Legislative Assembly

Making laws, and making this process transparent. Describe and open an institution. The Legislative Assembly of the Regione Emilia Romagna did it with Plone.

Progetto iCribis


Banzai Consulting entrusted RedTurtle to realize and evolve iCribis, a portal delivering financial reports about Italian businesses.


Modena in Movimento

MOdena IN MOvimento (Modena on the Move) is the app by the City of Modena, to discover the city. You'll find information and maps to reach the relevant cultural and touristic places, an event calendar, everything you need to visit and enjoy Modena, from wifi areas to historical shops.

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The Cefla Group: a phylosophy

Cefla is a cooperative society that emphasizes the shared benefits and the link between territory and environment.
Four business units (Furniture, Dental, Finishing and Equipment) integrate skills and abilities with a synergy of networks, relationships and talents.

What we are doing

Just six examples from the tens that we could show you...


Communication is at the core of the Plone portal, whose reusable components are offered to the Public Sector on



After a pilot project and a top-notch technical training of the Customer's personnel, we developed an app about the regional weather.

Turismo Reggiano

Following the growing interest about Ferrara Terra e Acqua, also Reggio Emilia took advantage of a portal and of editorial processes up with the times.

Works Polizia ScientificaWORK IN PROGRESS


National Central of the Scientific Police, "the Italian CSI": a secure Plone solution, with documents and workflows compliant with the Customer's ISO 9001 quality system.



CeBoost, the Intranet supporting Cebora's processes, is integrated with the Customer's legacy DB, processes and technologies, now accessible via dashboards and implemented with tailor-made workflows.

Works CEA Raganella

C.E.A. Raganella

Thanks to a website integrating Plone and Mailchimp, and to the training received, the Environmental Education Center is now completely self-sufficient in Web communication management.

Our figures

(but we won't get a big head...)

> 75 CUSTOMERS Right now, so many are our ACTIVE customers. Those for whom  we are projecting their next website, or whose social media presence we are managing, or that simply are "suffering" us since many years.
> 300 PROJECTS So many are the projects that we DELIVERED from 1999 to now, each one studied and tailor-made on the Customer's needs. Each one had an important genesis, each one made both him and us grow.
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