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"Scientific Degree Courses Project" Plone website

Site devoted to the participation of Milano Bicocca University to the "Scientific Degree Courses Project" by the Ministry for Universities and the national Industry Confederation

Despite an increase in the registrations to the undergraduate courses in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Materials Science, still is crucial to maintain and increase the number of motivated and capable students who enroll in these and other scientific degree courses.

The plan is directed to the organization of workshops and educational-cognitive activity directed at high school students and their teachers, with several objectives, including a disciplinary and interdisciplinary update of the knowledge of teachers, and of their ability to involve and motivate pupils in the learning of science, and to support them in the process of pre-university orientation.

The Plone site, provided with a basic setup, was structured, populated and managed by the staff of the Milano Bicocca University.

Data: January 2013

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