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Public sector

Since 2009, the Emilia Romagna Region has been restructuring in Plone its institutional websites. After porting in Plone several thematic sites, the Region recently launched the Plone version of E-R, its official portal and its business card on the Web.
The Emilia-Romagna Region, one of the most complex yet efficient Public Organizations in Italy, and a spearhead in e-Government and innovation, chose Plone for its new Intranet, aptly named "InterNos" with a play of words on the Latin "Between us".
Town Portal
A complete and integrated solution with low operating costs, for small or medium towns with sophisticate communication needs.
City Websites
A Public Organization always under the spotlights bets on Plone for further improvement: Mo-Net, a trend-setting case study. After gaining the knowledge needed, the City personnel itself makes grow an infrastructure ever more rich in sites, services, information.
Institutional Portal
Innovation and tradition: San Giminiano, world heritage site, chooses RedTurtle and Plone for its new institutional website, aimed at citizens and tourists
Plone assistance and thematic websites
An articulated collaboration with the leading City of the "Terre d'Acqua" Union - thematic sites and Plone 4 porting of the institutional portal
Plone training and Systems support
Plone training and Systems support
Ferrara's Tourism Portal
"Ferrara Earth and Water" is the portal - integrated with social media and served by a specific smartphone app - for those interested in the attractions and events in Ferrara Province
"Ferrara Eventi" App
Ferrara Events - our iPhone app to enjoy Ferrara in the best possible way