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Private Sector & Industry

Stern Weber
Sternweber is part of the dental division of the CEFLA group. For over half a century, it produced highest quality combined dental seats. Founded in 1958 as a dental division of a Swiss leader in watchmaking, Stern Weber has always kept abreast of the times. Today Stern Weber continues along the road of innovation by offering, in addition to its combined seats, a wide selection of tools and accessories manufactured in their own factories, which include integrated imaging systems and digital radiology.
WAMGROUP is aiming at worldwide leadership in developing and industrially manufacturing innovative market-oriented equipment in Bulk Solids Handling, Dust Filtration, Mixing, Waste Water & Sludge Treatment, Renewable Energy and Vibration Technology.
Nemetscheck Italia
The Nemetschek Group is a leading global supplier of technology for the design, construction and management of the real estate market. Nemetschek employs over 1,000 people and is present in 4 continents with 400 sales partners. Nemetschek solutions, available in 20 languages, are used by more than 270,000 design companies in 142 countries. IT solutions from Nemetschek create synergies and optimize the entire process of planning and management in terms of quality, cost and time.
CIMA has been serving for more than 50 years the banks and the largest Italian industrial enterprises. Established in 1955 by its current president Giuseppe Razzaboni, has developed in recent years more and more safety solutions ranging from armored doors to access control management by robbery-proof turnstiles, and the current and most sophisticated money-removal systems. Today its customers include the largest Italian and foreign banks.
"Technology is not an end in itself, but is the instrument which, wisely used, helps to increase the efficiency of business processes." This is the official Wisetech missions statement, summarizing the company's commitment towards customers. With the experience gained in years of activity, Wisetech has acquired the necessary competence to read and understand the waves of continuous technological innovation.
Kibernetes designs and delivers application software products, as well as the services necessary for the introduction and maintenance of the software, application services on the Internet, methodological, organizational and regulatory consultancy, IT systems and networks, and provides body rental services to help customers in the event of insufficient human resources. Founded in 1978, with the initial name of Computer Center Srl, it began operations in Veneto and then reached a national scale through the creation of a group of subsidiary companies.
Volvo Italia
Volvo Car Corporation is one of the most famous names in the automotive industry and has a long history of innovation at international level. Founded in Gothenburg (Sweden) by Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson, the company produced the first car, called OV4 (Jakob), on April 14, 1927. Volvo Cars Italy S.p.a. is a company with a sole shareholder subject to management and coordination by Volvo Car Corporation, Goteborg Sweden, and has a share capital of 4,200,000.00 Euros.
IBM Italia
Innovation is a challenge. Which is played at many levels: technology, processes, business models, culture. In these years of work in Italy IBM has been able to become, for business and government, the partner that offers solutions and services that helps them work smarter, organize themselves more efficiently, be more efficient and competitive. Not a bad for the first 80 years. A goal for the next? Continue to be the innovator who works for your innovations.
Ancitel S.p.A. is the main society of ANCI - National Association of Italian Municipalities - supporting local authorities in the management of all the innovation processes. Since its founding in 1987, Ancitel is at the side of local public administration with an extensive network of local services and projects designed to meet their daily operational needs. Among the major Ancitel web services the best known are: Anci answers, Journal of Communes, Documentation, measures of Communes, Annual of Communes, the Services for the local police, the integrated acts production service Istatel.
Qubica AMF
QubicaAMF is the joining of two industry giants, AMF Bowling Products, a U.S. firm known for its invention of the automatic pinspotter; and Italian Qubica Worldwide, whose supremacy in scoring and management software brought the world BES, the first and only comprehensive Bowler Entertainment System. This merger in 2005 created one of the largest and most respected companies in the bowling and amusement businesses, with global headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, and European headquarters in Bologna, Italy.
Since over 45 years TELWIN is a world leader in the production of welding machines, cutting systems and battery chargers. It covers all 5 continents for over 100 national markets, offering a range of products of unequaled breadth and vastness, dedicated to all sectors, from automotive to industry, from construction to shipbuilding, from all professional sectors to the DiY.
Giulio Barbieri
The Giulio Barbieri SpA company has designed and built the first models of gazebo and retractable tunnels in 1990, quickly becoming a leader in the business of modular aluminum structures, gaining trust and confidence among international operators. The following years have been fundamental in consolidating its position in the market, thanks to the company's unconditional availability and ability to meet the increasingly complex demands of the market.
Aeterna Water
Registered in the USA, with production plants in Italy, Aeterna Water is a young multi-national business in the sector of water and natural beverages. The innovative approach has ecological implications (reducing the usage of plastic containers) and proposes sophisticated services, autonomy and on-board intelligence of the beverage machines, as well as interesting commercial policies.
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA
The Engineering group, with 13 companies, 43 offices in Italy and abroad, approximately 6,500 IT professionals, and one of the major European data center for outsourcing at Pont Saint Martin (AO), is the leading national consulting and services. Continued investment in research and innovation in the period 2009-2012 amounted to 50 million euro.
Cebora S.p.A., a world-noted company from Bologna since 1954 for the quality and the reliability of its products, includes three divisions: Welding Dept., a leading company in the manufacture of welding (MIG-MAG, TIG, MMA, spotters, plasma) and plasma cutting equipment; Automated Welding and Cutting Dept. - Automated Welding and Cutting Dept. - manufactures a wide range of high technology power sources devoted to the automation and robotic market; Wheels Dept. - manufactures a very wide range of castor wheels, fixed and swiveling, for a large number of applications.
Banzai Consulting
A key element of the most innovative and extensive network of Internet operators Italians, Banzai Group, Banzai Consulting is a leading Italian consulting and web services company for businesses, organizations and large institutions, which offers consulting services and management transformation programs for online business as well as technological and brand identity services.