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Say, Do, Participate

From a City pioneering e-Partecipation, a confirmation of Plone's vocation for socialization and sharing.

The City of Reggio Emilia was one of the first Italian local public administrations to activate structured participative processes. Besides activating the local "Agenda 21", the organization decided to start several experiences both at city level and at quarter / neighborhood level, thus favoring nearness to the citizens and offering them an opportunity to get actively involved in the definition and in the implementation of projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the city. This policy articulates on three main objectives:

  • empowering and diversifying the channels and the modes of listening and dialogue with the citizens, to learn about their needs in a systematic and capillary way, thanks also to the involvement of City Precincts;
  • favoring the participation of the citizens in the process of planning the future of the city, thus following democracy and ensuring that the collected requests are adequately considered by political and technical bodies in charge of the planning;
  • starting a process for a further development of City Precincts ("Circoscrizioni"), to reinstate them in their original role of "proximity government", that is to say, places and instruments for participative decision and social cohesion among all the citizens.

"Dire Fare Partecipare" ("To say, to do, to participate") website, specifically devoted to participation, is the answer to those needs and a sign of commitment by the City of Reggio Emilia. It's not meant just as a "showcase" giving a complete overview of the enacted participative processes, but - first and foremost - it's meant as a “participation and transparency tool” to encourage active involvement by the citizens, also by testing new channels and media.

Data: August 2012

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