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Sustainable Future

The "toolbox" to prepare a better future.

Some years ago, the City of Reggio Emilia begun taking up locally the big global sustainability challenge, a challenge that can be successfully faced only by communities caring for the conservation of natural resources, as well as for the protection and improvement of natural and urban environment, but at the same time prosperous, creative, supportive and capable of ensuring a good quality of life to all the citizens. To steer - and implement on a local plan - policies up to this challenge, the City Administration, in addition to the several projects and sector actions already enacted, also activated specific tools and projects that may be considered as "special", for their strategic and transversal nature. For this purpose, European and International organizations have been predisposing for several years a "toolbox for sustainable development". The "toolbox" adopted by the City of Reggio Emilia is particularly rich in tools - some of them are mainly technical, while other point above all on participation and sharing with the local communities.

Data: August 2012

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