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City of Reggio Emilia

Still in the light of the recent sesquicentennial of the Italian National Flag, the more than 170,000 Reggiani saw nation-wide attention concentrate on their beautiful and important city, known not only as the home of the Tricolor, but as a symbol of the "Emilianity" in Italy and in the world: a quiet but intense way of life, an high civic and political awareness, on a background of outstanding art, music and culture.

City of Reggio Emilia
Ambientarsi è naturale
Participative website for parkgoers in the City of Reggio Emilia
Say, Do, Participate
From a City pioneering e-Partecipation, a confirmation of Plone's vocation for socialization and sharing.
Sustainable Future
The "toolbox" to prepare a better future.
Governing with Citizens
e-Government and e-Participation at the center of a Local Public Organization's strategies.
I Reggiani, per esempio
A ‘census’, a collection - promoted by the City of Reggio Emilia in collaboration with local organizations and associations - of all those spontaneously-adopted behaviors - enacted by singles, associations, groups, parishes, Public or Social organizations, businesses - that benefit other citizens in one's own community, or support the city's general interests.