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City of Arezzo

Arezzo, one of the most significant glories of the Italian historical and cultural heritage, is a city of over 100,000 inhabitants, stretches over an area rich in interests, needs and complexity. Well aware about the services to deliver and well introduced in the new technologies, the City of Arezzo uses them appropriately in carrying out its complex mission.

City of Arezzo
InformaGiovani Arezzo
The Informagiovani portal is a showcase of cultural, free time and professional opportunities for the young people of the City of Arezzo. It needs to be accessible and effective, because the kind of people using the portal is much at ease with the new technologies and has high expectations: and this effectiveness is the fruit of a correct design, and of good policies about the kind of contents to be published.
Institutional portal
The institutional website of the City of Arezzo, made with Diazo and Plone