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Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara

The Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara celebrated its bicentennial in 2003, launching a dedicated program of administrative simplification, innovation and service quality: this all, in order to fully satisfy the needs of businesses, for whom it represent the natural reference authority. The current multi-year programme provides a number of priorities for action, including internationalization of companies, diffusion of innovation and technology transfer, development and certification of Ferrara's local products, infrastructure improvements in the province.

Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara
Portal and Intranet
A complete, reusable, customized, service-oriented set of Plone portal and Intranet for the businesses - the portal from which the PloneGov Italia experience started, reused by many organizations in the Chambers of Commerce world.
Promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Ferrara, the "Tourism Forum of Ferrara Province" is a discussion forum about tourism conceived as a virtual meeting point for all the operators, the businesses, the institutions, and the associations of the Ferrarese territory, as well as to any subject interested in keeping alive the debate about themes related with tourism.
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