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Plone is free, Plone users are free: here's the heart of the matter

We and Plone

RedTurtle uses Plone since 2006. For the non-CMS applications, we use Pyramid, a framework that may integrate with Plone, Google Apps, handheld devices and smartphone. Since 2011 we develop App for iPhone and Android devices.

Plone is yours, as much as ours: we make it grow by releasing software, and by investing on global and national events, with  technical talk and sponsorships, and on PloneGov Italia, forge of solutions and components.

We use Plone both for our Public customers, a probably unmatched number in the Plone worldwide market, and for the companies that understand free software value and are ready to involve themselves in the movement.


Release software: why?

We release our products, in a sea in which they feed, grow and then come back to us and our Customers to give an even better service. That way, we create and improve software, always in synergy with the Customers, who give us their requirements and their domain competence, and that often become fully-fledged developers. That way, we build a model of business based on freedom, not on constraints.

The road of the free software

The free software, and most of all Plone, it's the only one that can offer:

  • the possibility of adapting it to your requirements, by modifying and extending freely the source code;
  • the possibility of modifying it in autonomy, when having the competence or when trained for the purpose;
  • the possibility of taking advantage of the cooperation among tcommunity members (developers, users, managers, public administrations), who releease always new and improved versions of the software, extentions born from real user requirements

All that, with just the obligation to make available, with the same degree of freedom, any modification and new implementation. And the free software cheapness is ensured by the absence of purchase and license costs.

Plone releases

A summary of our

Plone product releases:

how we built our credibility in the Community.

Main Products Released
Plone Training

Do you want to know the best platform on which to manage your editorial process?

Advanced training on Plone

Plone Training