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  • "You get what you give"Icona Give

    You get what you give: we want much, we give much. By ourselves or with our Customers, as soon as the components we develop reach the needed degree of maturity, we release the software.

    RedTurtle on Python Package IndexRT on Python Package Index

    On the main repository of Python installable packages, Pypi, Redturtle doesn't go unnoticed. By releasing mainly on the collective namespace, or by helping our Customers to release on their own namespace, RedTurtle contributed also to almost every product describes on the PloneGov Italia website.

    RedTurtle on githubRT on GitHub

    Access to source code of the Plone components by RedTurtle is tipically granted on GitHub, the most successful environment for collaborative code management in the free software world.

  • Examples of Plone products released by RedTurtle

    Just to understand, here are some of the most successful products among those developed by RedTurtle. A success measured, overall, in several tens of thousand downloads.
    • collective.smartlink: An advanced Link content type for Plone, with image field, customizable content icon and internal link feature.