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Plone: a technology, a community, a way of being, a way of working

Chosen by hundreds of Public Organizations and companies all over the world, Plone is our best weapon capable of giving you freedom both in technological terms and in the editorial and organizational processes, on the Web or on the Intranet.

Plone has followed Public and private organization of every size in any possible job scenario, from big corporate to e-commerce, from small towns to National Health Agencies, from regional to federal, national, global organization, in every context, internal, external or mixed, on any fixed, mobile and handheld device.

Customizable both by developing new code from scratch, and by using ready-made products among the several hundreds available, Plone can manage custom-made content types, highly fit for the context and the specific processes of your organization.

With the strength of its workflow and conceived for distributed editorial offices, which distribute loads and responsibility according to your organizational model, Plone allows to centralize or distribute the right to publish editorial contents, reconciling control and valuing of the potential of every collaborator.

Plone is both a new generation content management system and a safe and scalable development framework, particularly fit for creating custom applications, and is also a ready-to-use, easily installable product for all the operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux).

As functionalities grow, Plone safety doesn't decrease,  remaining orders of magnitude higher than in other commercial and free CMS. Simple to install, flexible to customize, scalable for any need: both for an Intranet with more than 8000 users and for a single server hosting two hundred sites and keeping constantly online tenths of gigabytes of data.

Furthermore, Plone can change its skin, and integrate the most functional graphic look for any use context.

Plone releases

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Plone product releases:

how we built our credibility in the Community.

Main Products Released
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Plone Training