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ContèntTOUR: open source evangelization.

content tour


What is free software, actually?

Is it true that its use brings more than economic advantages?

Are there available solutions within the grasp of Local Public Administrations and SMBs?

The Contènt Tour (a play on words between Content and "contento", the Italian for "happy") was born to give clear answers to those questions, through the experience of RedTurtle Technology and of its partners Abstract and BioDec, who saw a smile appear on the face of many customers, once skeptic and now fully enthusiast about open source technologies. Lectures about free software, conceived to build a correct and deep perception of the opportunities provided by open standards, by open source software and by community development. Demos of portal solutions, of Intranets, and of the integration with Google Docs, OpenOffice, open GIS systems and vertical applications.

It's an itinerating initiative that, stopping in different places and hosted in congress centers or in public spaces offered by our customers, is meant to make happier IT managers, human resources directors, content management operators and every user that makes his living in daily contact with communication technologies, in businesses and Public Organizations.

Content Tour is a full-day series of lectures, where you will find popularization without simplification, an extremely operational tone, several case studies and practical demonstrations, much space for questions from the audience.

A preview of the presentations (currently in Italian language) is available on Slideshare (

Where and when

Besides some pre-set dates, the event takes place where and when you like: if you succeed in collecting an audience of at least thirty people or about ten businesses or public organizations, we will activate to make happy also you, and we will evaluate your suggestions about the location.

But how much does it cost?

Contènt Tour has no cost: on the contrary, we even offer you a coffee break. We just require a quick and easy online registration on the website, where you will find in-depth information about each stop of the tour.

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The ContènTOUR

Open Source and Open Standard evangelization: follow us at the


The ContènTOUR