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Plone for Research and University Days




The Plone for Research and University Days we organized in 2010, near the Areas Of The Search For CNR Of Bologna (05/20/210) and Naples (11/26/2010), that has seen the same synergies between companies put in field in ContènTour, have test shown how the Plone diffusion is wide in the Universities and in the Italian institutions that are responsible for research in the scientific sector.


We mention between the institutions which have organized Plone 4UR Days:

  • Pole of the Search For CNR Of Bologna, organizer of the first edition,
  • TIGEM, organizer of the second edition

while between the speaker corporations the presence is also noticed (besides some organizer corporations) of:

  • CNR-Dipartimento patrimonio Culturale
  • ENEA
  • INAF
  • INGV
  • Università degli Studi di Bologna
  • Università degli Studi di Ferrara
  • Università degli Studi di Padova
  • Università Roma Sapienza - Digilab


Some presentations of Plone4UR days are available on Slideshare.


PloneGov Italia

The reuse that were not expecting, for every dimension corporations. Why to invent the hot water?

PloneGov Italia

PloneGov Italia
3.0 Courses

A tasting of our courses: a seminary on the strategies of presence in the Web, because it is not enough to be there, it is necessary to be able to be there.

Questions, answers, examples, new knowledge: the  3.0 RedTurtle courses!

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Facciamo Adesso

Everything helps in the emergencies. Some things help more: and the technology is not only technology any more ...

Facciamo Adesso: Plone to the earthquake emergency service

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Plone4UR Days

Plone and the scientific - academic world: a love marriage. The Research Corporations and the universities adhere to PloneGov Italy and take part in the Plone events.

A sectorial event designed to be repeated: our Plone for Research and University Day

Plone4UR Days
The ContènTOUR

Open Source and Open Standard evangelization: follow us at the


The ContènTOUR