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Work with us

We are engaged in several projects, all Web-centered, and we are always looking for capable and enterprising people...

Why work with RedTurtle?

It's as much obvious as rare: a company based on its own competence and on continuing technical evolution cannot avoid to stake our all on collaborators.

It's them who give a soul to the company, and we aim at giving them the best possible working environment, informal, flexible and oriented to merit rather than hierarchy.

Since a year or so, we changed our office, now more spacious and with two meeting rooms.

Collettiva con Eroe

Whom are we looking for?

We love people who consider IT first as a passion and then as a work, those who always have something new to tell.

Those who never feel "arrived" and who like to dialogue with other people.

Those who get involved in the open source community, those who release code, those who blog.

But you work everytime?

Well, yes, one needs to work from time to time. We have many projects under way and enjoy to be trusted by our customers: we want to keep an high standard.

But it's not just work. There are periodical internal workshops, the possibility of taking part in Sprints by the international Plone community, in events such as LotusSphere, the PloneConference, the Plone regional symposia.

We have more than enough documentation to satisfy any need, and we buy periodically any book that may be missing.

Obviously, coffee is free! and no, we haven't a ping pong.

Send us your resume!